#1 Idea in Russell Brunson's "Expert Secrets" Book

Michael May 08, 2022
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how to find a good business idea


Originally published 2019.

So, you've got a business idea, huh?

Well... before you dump your life's savings into it...

Ask yourself one simple question:

Why do people buy?

This is where Russell Brunson might be able to help...

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As founder of the marketing software, ClickFunnels... Brunson is a household name in the world of online entrepreneurship...

In his book, Expert Secrets, he provides a mental model about how to look at the world when preparing to start a business.

So, it's time to swing our machetes deep through the jungle of human psychology...

Where Does A Good Business Idea Come From?

🦄 Fairytale business stories would have us believe that a good business idea comes from a lightning bolt moment of divine inspiration...

This 1 in a million idea strikes into the mind of the superhero entrepreneur... and happens to come at the perfect time.

The entrepreneur then simply dictates the terms by which millions will fork over their hard-earned cash without hesitation...

It's just that easy, right?

Well... while the occasional miracle like this can happen... the reality is thankfully much simpler.

That's because a good business idea has much more to do with listening skills than dumb luck...

Because, according to Brunson, you should really start with this:

Find A Market Need and Address It!

A market need comes from a specific group of people have a gap between a painful problem... and a solution to that problem...

And a business should serve this group's need profitably.

And though it may seem overwhelming to choose which need to fulfill...

People are actually only trying to satisfy 1 of 3 of their basic needs at any given time:

Russell Brunson expert secrets book

Behind all the opportunities in these areas, helping people is about recognizing their underlying emotions.

Masochists and monks might try to convince you otherwise... but deep down everyone wants:

  • Wealth - The freedom of being rich

  • Health - To feel attractive & function properly

  • Relationships - The social acceptance & sexual satisfaction of having significant others and/or strong bonds with friends/family/etc.

At the end of the day...

People buy things to address inner emotional needs and desires.

And since a successful business ultimately gets people to buy...

It may help you to consider this mental model when deciding how to persuade people to buy from YOU.

Look at the the brick-and-mortar businesses you see every day... the websites you visit online... what you've bought in the past...

And ask yourself:

"Which of these 3 needs are in play here?"