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☝️ Weekends in Rome, Italy. 2022.

Hey - it's Michael.

I recently returned to California with my wife after 2 years living + traveling abroad as a digital nomad. 🌎

Long story short:

I'm a business advisor & investor. My team and I are always looking for businesses to help grow, invest in, joint venture with, or even acquire.

My core tools for business growth are direct-response marketing & copywriting. Much of my background is in online business, financial publishing, and e-learning. See some cases studies here.

I especially like helping brands capitalize on their existing assets & under-utilized backend: Contacts, email list, social media audience, online community, etc.

Check out my YouTube channel for my interview series with leaders in business and life — "Michael Explorin."

Want to connect? You can send a direct message to me on this page (Tap here).

Thanks for stopping by. 😎


Quick facts:

- I'm the co-creator of the Business Acquisition Summit. Our virtual events have featured 30+ leading experts in business and M&A.

- I grew up in San Diego, California. Despite being so close to the beach, I oddly didn't start surfing until I was 19.

- I've got a background in filmmaking. My short documentary about a clean & sober motorcycle club was featured at multiple international film festivals, including the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY). Then, I had a short stint in Hollywood (ultimately wasn't cut out to be a personal assistant!).

- As a digital nomad, I've had extended stays in Brazil, Mexico, Italy (Rome), Indonesia (Bali), Thailand, Colombia, and Turkey.

- I'm one of those "disappearing blue belts" in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

- My wife is Brazilian, so I've been brushing up on my Portuguese. As of May 2024, I'm on a nearly 500-day language learning streak (with a few mulligans courtesy of Duolingo).

- I can also get by in Spanish-speaking countries with my broken Spanglish... and I like to think of soccer as another language that I "speak" — I've now played casual pickup games on 4 continents.

- From my time as a journalism student at the University of Oregon until now... storytelling has been a thru-line in nearly everything I've done.

- I love personal freedom and the potential of cryptocurrency. I'm also drawn to self-sovereignty principles that include the acknowledgement of our inter-connectedness and responsibility to each other.

- I believe in the healing power of plant & psychedelic medicine.

- Burritos or burgers... It's always a neck-and-neck race between which of the two is my favorite food.

- I have a publication that covers developments in biohacking & regenerative medicine (stem cell therapy, etc.).

- You can find some photo highlights of my life and travels on Instagram.

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