Case Studies & Testimonials

Co-Founder of the Business Acquisition Summit

In July 2023, our team held the inaugural Business Acquisition Virtual Summit, which hosted 20+ of the world's leading experts in mergers & acquisitions (M&A) — including Jeremy Harbour, Roland Frasier, Carl Allen, Walker Deibel, Nick Bradley, Mike Warren, and more.

Over 1,000 people worldwide registered for the event to discover how to buy, grow, and exit businesses.

Client Case Study: Passive Income M.D.

"We did tremendous. We got over 10,000 people as part of our summit... And on the backend of that, we had a membership which [Michael] also helped me with... We increased our [paid] memberships by over 50%! So, fantastic results. It was great working with Michael. I'd do it all over again."

- Dr. Peter Kim, CEO - Passive Income MD

Client Case Study: TopCourt

topcourt marketing

TopCourt homepage featuring 7X Grand Slam champion & tennis legend, Venus Williams

TopCourt is a premier e-learning platform that features content from the world’s biggest tennis stars — including players like Venus Williams and coaches like Paul Annacone, who coached Roger Federer & Pete Sampras.

In preparation for their launch, the TopCourt team needed email copy and campaign sequencing to engage, convert, and upsell new users. The results far outperformed the industry average of education & training businesses with a 66% open rate and 5% click through rate (CTR). Source: Mailchimp study – Average: 23.42% open rate, 2.9% CTR

What People Are Saying

Steven E. Kuhn (Coaching, Mergers & Acquisitions):

"Immediately within 30 days I had my first client. And now we're rolling forward with not only clients for my [business] advisory, but clients for mergers & acquisitions and for funding other deals..."

Joe Marshall (Financial Publishing):

"I highly suggest working with Michael."

Jeff Little, Publisher/ Copy Chief (Financial Publishing):

"Michael not only understands how to influence people via the written word – but gets the business-side of direct response as well. He’s a pleasure to work with, takes input/revisions without ego, hits his deadlines, and - most importantly - produces results!"

Austin Wolff, CMO (Health Industry):

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Michael was amazing!! ...He’s the real deal and he makes the copy crackle off the page and into the buyer’s mind, virtually forcing them to pull out their wallets and buy your product. If you don’t [work with] him, shame on you..."

Zachary Ellison, CEO - FunnelBolt (SaaS + Marketing Industries):

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Michael was easy to work with and really knew his stuff when it came to copywriting, funnel layout and writing out the facebook ads. We are already seeing a big difference in ROI and will use him ongoing for a long time!"

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