Why I Like to Publish "Category 3" Writers

Michael Oct 18, 2022
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When publishing or using content marketing... I look for “Category 3” writers.

I believe these are the content creators most likely to get the most eyeballs/attention.

Here’s how I see it:

As any market or field of knowledge matures…

You’ll see 3 levels of thinking emerge & evolve:

  1. Mainstream

  2. The Counter Narrative

  3. The Double Counter Narrative

And at each level, you’ll see “Category 1, 2, and 3” thinkers, respectively.

Let’s take the health market for example:

In the Mainstream...

You’ll see category 1 writers everywhere, a dime-a-dozen.

They talk about stuff “everyone knows” —

“Eat a balanced diet. Exercise. Get good sleep. Don’t drink too much.” Etc.

They regurgitate the same advice over... and over... again in places like morning talk shows, Healthline, magazines, major cable networks, and so on…

It’s the kind of knowledge that NO ONE would be surprised to hear in casual conversation.

Then, after some time, the Counter Narrative emerges.

This is when early disruptors create a counterculture around “specialized knowledge.”

This is like your Dave Aspreys (Bulletproof), Wim Hofs, and Ben Greenfields.

They champion a new way of thinking using either the future (biohacking, new research, etc) or the past (paleo, carnivore, etc.).

“A lot of what people believe about health is wrong. Take charge of your own body. Get a 2nd opinion after visiting your doc. Eating fat is actually GOOD. Jump in a cold bath. Eat charcoal. Pay attention to stem cells… psychedelic therapy…" Etc.

People hungry for something new flock to read this counterintuitive info.

Readers feel special... like they’re accessing secret, exclusive information they can impress dinner guests with…

They feel part of a movement.

The Counter Narrative usually has a pretty good run.

It builds momentum and seeps into the mainstream (ideas increasingly featured on The Doctors… or Dr. Oz… etc)...

And then… dogma sets in.

As early disruptors gain fame or guru status… it’s hard to challenge them without seeming like you’re against progress.

The “cool” trend becomes stale.

THAT’S when the market is ripe for disruption again.

Enter the Double Counter Narrative

Category 3 writers show up and start to push back.

This is your Dr. Andrew Hubermans, Dr. Rhonda Patricks, and Dr. Layne Nortons… We see a return of authority to the credentialized class.

They’re not the "old school" docs who still prescribe pills willy nilly… or refer to the food pyramid as diet guidance…

They’re the cool kids of the graduating medical class...

Ones who’ve had the opportunity to digest BOTH the fruits of Mainstream common knowledge… AND of the Counter Narrative.

They assume nothing & start from zero.

They dive DEEP into the science. The boots-on-the-ground research. The measurable feedback.

“Avoid cold plunges if you have THIS… Here’s when breathing exercises can actually INCREASE stress… No, carbs do NOT always store as fat… Your hormones matter MORE than your calories… Why sugar did NOT cause the obesity epidemic… Why you might ONLY workout 1-2 times a week... etc.”

They do NOT return to the mainstream…

But rather… they SYNTHESIZE both the mainstream and counter narrative…

And they're unafraid to use critical thinking to challenge both ways of thinking (while ESPECIALLY highlighting what the Counter Narrative may now be overlooking).

Building off the momentum of the previous movements…

They catapult into the spotlight… bust myths, gimmicks… and grab “attention market share” before anyone has a chance to blink.

Look to publish (or become) a “Category 3” writer.