Tina Greenbaum: The Inner Game of Peak Performance [Michael Explorin #4]

Michael May 31, 2023
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Tina Greenbaum Interview

🎙 I sat down for a conversation with Tina Greenbaum of Mastery Under Pressure:

Tina is a keynote & TEDx speaker, psychotherapist, and trusted peak-performance advisor to entrepreneurs & executive teams.

Over the course of 4 decades, she’s advised all kinds of people:

  • Silicon Valley executives

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Wall Street bankers

  • Athletes

  • Artists

  • Emmy-award winners

  • And more….

The insights from her book and brand, each called Mastery Under Pressure, are designed to help people:

Tap into inner emotional strength... deepen their relationships... and holistically transform their personal & professional lives — for good.

She is also host of the podcast, “Under the Hood” which gives an inside look into the lives of high performers.