My Copy Chief Review: Is Kevin Rogers' Program Legit?

Michael Dec 19, 2022
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Review of Kevin Rogers' Copy Chief
Table of Contents
  1. What Is Copy Chief?
  2. Who Is Kevin Rogers?
  3. Why Did I Join Copy Chief?
  4. My Personal Experience
  5. What’s Included in the Membership?
  6. How Much Is the Investment for Copy Chief?
  7. Is Copy Chief Worth It? Is It Legit?
  8. My Rating out of 5 Stars

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Hey it's Michael… and this is my personal review of the online business community, Copy Chief. ✍️

If you’re here... chances are you’re curious about joining as a copywriter (or even as a marketer or business owner)…

And maybe you want to hear from someone who's been on the inside as a member, so that you can make a good decision.

Let me say: You’re in the right place.

Is it worth it? Could it work for you?

I’ll address these questions below...

👉 And if you want the short, TL/DR version: My ROI on membership has been amazing... and I've personally recommended Copy Chief to my own friends, family, and subscribers who want to succeed in copywriting and/or business. So, if that alone encourages you to find out more... just TAP HERE to access their membership info on the next page now.

Otherwise, keep scrolling for more.

Michael McGovern Copy Chief

Giving my "How to Persuade Anyone" speech in Bali, Indonesia. 2022.

What Is Copy Chief?

Copy Chief is a private online forum made up of copywriters, marketers, freelancers, coaches, and entrepreneurs... which offers:

  • Ongoing Education

  • World-class Networking

  • An Exclusive Job Board

  • Unlimited Copywriting Feedback

  • High-touch Coaching Programs

  • And much more...

Since 2015, Copy Chief has connected copywriters & marketers with the world's biggest online brands — like Agora, Jeff Walker, and Grant Cardone.

They've served 9,294 students (and counting)... and helped generate tens of millions of dollars in business contracts.

More than an internet group, they also hold live events:

copy chief live events

Both the service providers and business owners that make up Copy Chief are usually practitioners of direct-response marketing.

This type of approach is often more efficient, fast, and results-oriented than other types of marketing strategies.

But by virtue of being on this page, you probably already know that. 😉

Get access to your Copy Chief membership by clicking HERE now.

Who Is Kevin Rogers?

Kevin Rogers is the founder and CEO of Copy Chief.

Kevin is a former stand-up comic who stumbled onto direct-response copywriting & quickly rose the ranks to become a top seller for clients and on ClickBank.

These days, he's a "super connector" in the online business world.

who is kevin rogers

He inspired me early on in my growth:

I first heard about Kevin years ago while tumbling down the internet marketing rabbit hole...

I listened to tons of episodes from his podcasts: The Truth About Marketing and Copy Chief Radio.

With headphones in, I'd go on long walks and absorb his helpful tips on copywriting & freelancing.

It helped me to get started for free... so when taking the next step, joining the paid community was a no-brainer.

Kevin truly cares about his "Copy Chiefs" ...and it shows:

He once reached out personally to hear about my experience on the platform & I could tell he took my feedback seriously.

With a goal to provide 30 million jobs for copywriters by the year 2030...

He's now investing deeply into the community to make it even better.

Get access to your Copy Chief membership by clicking HERE now.

Why Did I Join Copy Chief?

The biggest reason was to connect with high-quality clients.

(This ended up working out very well... and I'll talk more about it below).

Copy Chief's job board is great because both copywriters and business owners have the peace-of-mind knowing that each other have invested in themselves to be there.

I was also excited to network with fellow marketers and take advantage of the Copy Chief online courses.

Kevin's marketing made me aware of the group... but it was the word-of-mouth recommendations I heard in marketing circles that sealed the deal for me.

My Personal Experience

I'll start by saying that your own experience or result will likely depend on you... and like any investment, to get something out... you probably need to put something in...

With that said, I can't say enough about how happy I am with the decision to join the community.

Within the first 3 months of joining, I secured my first monthly retainer client via the job board.

A few months later, I found myself picking up more project-based work and interviewing for well-known names in the online space.

As of writing this in 2022, I still have clients that I met on the job board... and they've been incredible to work with.

Get access to your Copy Chief membership by clicking HERE now.

Kevin also hosts workshops & "challenges" for copywriters to practice their skills...

I participated in a bullet-writing competition judged by Kevin and David Deutsch, who worked for David Ogilvy & generated hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients.

It was great to have my copy critiqued by guys with that type of experience.

When I won that challenge, it was reassuring to know my writing was on the right track... and yes, I did some humble-bragging on social media. 😄

PLUS - the team mailed me a free t-shirt as a prize:

copy chief t-shirt

This just demonstrates the cool "cherry-on-top" things they do to make members feel special.

Inside the forums, I interacted with some new and familiar faces in the marketing world via threads and copy reviews...

And Kevin's occasional Zoom calls helped me feel even more connected to the community.

I also learned from their courses on email marketing, advertorials, lead magnets, websites, and more.

Over the past few years, I've spent thou$ands on my education: Courses... paid groups... coaching... etc....

In terms of ROI, my investment into Copy Chief is definitely in the top 3... if not #1.

So, yes, it's an AWESOME place.

Get access to your Copy Chief membership by clicking HERE now.

What’s Included in the Membership?

Copy Chief has 2 core membership tiers: The Student Plan and the Pro Plan.

The Student Plan unlocks their educational content library...

Whereas the Pro Plan includes access to the job board, workshops, forum, copy feedback, freelancer "clubs," and more... on TOP of the educational content (courses, class recordings, etc.).

Rather list everything here, you can see the details on the next page (Tap here).

And if you want to hire copywriters, go here instead.

How Much Is the Investment for Copy Chief?

As of 2022, the student plan is $99 per month and the pro plan is $149 per month — each with a year-long commitment.

In other words, each is an annual plan, paid monthly.

In the past, they've also offered discounts if you pay the annual fee all at once, post-purchase.

Is Copy Chief Worth It? Is It Legit?

If you've read up to this point and STILL can't guess how I'd answer these questions... then may the forefathers of marketing have mercy on your soul...


*With the necessary disclaimer that I don't know your personal situation. So, you need to look into it for yourself to see if it's a fit 👍 (Link below):

Some don't know this... but the current membership rates are a big discount from what it used to be…

But even when the price was higher, the deal was still a HUGE value—

I’m surprised they don't price the pro plan 10X higher. (Psst, don't tell them that 😉 )

Compared to other communities/masterminds... it's such a small investment for the potential results you could see.

And yes — it's legit. It's run by some of the most experienced and caring people in "the industry."

My Rating out of 5 Stars

As I mentioned, Copy Chief is my go-to recommendation when personal contacts ask me about becoming a copywriter, finding clients, etc.

The small investment I made into Copy Chief played a BIG role creating momentum for me.

I hope it's just as transformative for you.

My Rating: 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Table of Contents
  1. What Is Copy Chief?
  2. Who Is Kevin Rogers?
  3. Why Did I Join Copy Chief?
  4. My Personal Experience
  5. What’s Included in the Membership?
  6. How Much Is the Investment for Copy Chief?
  7. Is Copy Chief Worth It? Is It Legit?
  8. My Rating out of 5 Stars