M&A, Dealmaking, World Traveling, and the Business of Security + Risk Management — Colton Moffitt [Michael Explorin #8]

Michael Nov 30, 2023
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colton moffitt interview

🎙 New podcast interview now out with expert in mergers & acquisitions and the business of security and risk management, Colton Moffitt.

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Colton is a former private investigator turned M&A advisor & dealmaker.

For risk management, he's acted as a client liaison — coordinating with the likes of law enforcement, intelligence collectors, security consultants, and PR professionals, and more. Across jurisdictions, he's helped counter insider threats, corporate espionage, kidnapping, blackmail, organized fraud, and more.

As an M&A advisor with Distributed Risk, he specializes in joint ventures, strategic partnerships, and business development to create an ecosystem of risk management businesses.

Since 2016, he's done over 100 deals.

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