Trusts, Wealth, Investing, M&A, & Mindset β€” with Issac Qureshi of Falcon Global Capital [Michael Explorin #6]

Michael Oct 20, 2023
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issac qureshi interview

πŸŽ™ I recently sat down for a conversation with Issac Qureshi. Issac is a business scaling expert & wealth and tax consultant who specializes in asset growth and preservation.

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Over 25 years, some of Issac's career highlights include:

  • Generating more than $610 million in combined revenue

  • Taking 2 companies public (One with a value of Β£90m and another Β£25m)

  • Buying & selling companies with the Royal Bank of Scotland β€” Including the NatWest Takeover

  • And helping clients worldwide to protect their legacy & wealth through trusts

Issac is the co-founder of Falcon Global Capital β€” a wealth-focused investment firm that offers private clients diverse opportunities like:

πŸ–Ό 🏎 Art & exotic car funds

πŸ“ˆ Private hedge funds

πŸ›₯ Super yachts

🏑 Real estate

🏦 Banking tech

πŸͺ™ Precious metals

🀝 And company acquisitions

He’s also the founder of AI Dev Lab β€” which is an acquisition advisory firm in the eCommerce, digital, and business services sectors.

Issac recently gave a presentation at our Business Acquisition Summit, and is an international speaker.

You can reach him at with subject line "Explore"

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