Sell More Stuff with the “So That” Rule: One Big Idea from Copywriter, Gary Halbert

March 2, 2020

On Roland Frasier’s podcast, Business Lunch, he recently interviewed copywriter Craig Clemens, founder of the direct-to-consumer marketing agency, Golden Hippo.

I’ve picked up a lot of gems from both Roland’s and Craig’s content about marketing and copywriting, but there’s one tactic that Roland mentioned in this interview that has stuck with me.

He talked about receiving an insider tip from the late copywriting legend, Gary Halbert.

I took the liberty of giving it an unofficial name:

The “So That” Rule

The “so that” rule is the magical formula that unites the features and benefits of your product/service in their never ending stand-off.

You may have heard people say: “Highlight the benefits, not the features” — I know I’ve probably heard that advice from 20+ different sources when it comes to selling/marketing.

For example: You may be excited about your new invention, the latest and greatest lawnmower, because it comes with a GPS and self-contained navigation automation system…

But until you communicate that this navigation system actually means that the lawnmower drives itself (the feature) so that your customer can relax while drinking an ice cold lemonade in his lawn chair on a hot July afternoon instead of the back-breaking work of doing it himself (the benefit)…

Until you do that, it will be harder to sell.

The “so that” rule allows you to show your prospective client exactly how their life stands to improve by allowing them to partially experience the emotional benefits of your product or service in advance.

So, next time you’re selling, consider weaving this idea into your pitch SO THAT you can sell more stuff and, ultimately, become totally free, insanely rich, and devastatingly more attractive!*

*There is no guarantee that any of this will happen to you but I can guarantee that I’m rooting for you.

Listen to the episode here:

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